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Choreographer & Performer



I am a Choreographer and performer currently residing in Goa,India. Trained in the Indian Classical dance style Bharatnatyam for 22 years, I am also the owner of 'Soul Feet' dance company headquartered in Mumbai, India. For the past 10 years, I have been choreographing and performing at various festivals and concerts all over India and in countries like Sweden, HongKong and China. I have also hosted workshops in France and Singapore.


My artistic practice has a strong focus on storytelling, culture and non verbal communication. In my works, I constantly try to incorporate innovative methods and a contemporary approach to choreography as I strongly believe that art is a participatory and collective experience. 

Given my background in Architecture and recent Masters in Performing at Public Space at Fontys University in Tilburg, I am committed to continuing my research in finding methods to re-define the position of traditional classical and folk dance in modern society.



For Private Classes, Group workshops or Event please contact me via WhatsApp, Text Message or Email!


Tel: +91 8850470799

Whats app: +91 9819640220

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