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                                                                              Recent Performances, Europe (2019-2020)

                                                                 Storytelling through embodied movement in Public Spaces 

                    Merging of the public spaces and art allows the audience to imagine ideas and concepts coming to life in the very                           mundane spaces they walk by everyday. Through this stimulation of the senses we can creatively create awareness                        on many social dilemmas and topics through beautiful depictions. 


Re-thinking Bharatanatyam through embodied narratives.

Tilburg, Netherlands, 2020 

Public space is where the everyday and narration comes together, where "stories" evolve. Through experiments that involve memory, imagination and embodied movement I try to initiate verbal and non verbal dialogues in public space, exploring the possibilities of public space creating common narratives which are projections of the personal stories of people and space.

This project explores the possibilities of unfolding new narratives through performative interventions in public space using the vocabulary of Bharatanatyam.        

Developing a relationship between people and space through "stories" as representation of memories, thoughts and images explores Bharatanatyam as an 'embodied rhetoric' of body, mind and emotions. I strongly believe that Indian classical dance creates "sense experiences"  through collective embodied memories and hence should not be representational.


   'I am 4 1/2 Billion years old'

          Umea, Sweden, 2020 

This artistic project is a collaborative work of Ulrika Karlsson and Parijat Naik. It is a poem in Swedish, written and read by Ulrika, choreographed and illustrated by Parijat. It was a challenge to create moving pictures to a recital in new language and also interesting to see how this could enhance the expressive outcome of the artist's context. This project explored the role of Bharatanatyam as a way of non verbal communication. The work aims at raising an awareness on global warming  through the universal language  of Art.


'I am 4 1/2 Billion years old' was performed as a collective in the public square outside Umea university.

This project explored the role of Bharatanatyam as a way of non verbal communication. The work aims at raising an awareness on global warming  through the universal language  of Art.

#Inside stories-2.jpg

   '# Inside Stories'

    Tilburg, The Netherlands, 2021

#INSIDE STORIES is a movement based act that explores the vocabulary of Bharatnatyam and Contemporary dance. This act has been conceptualised as a garland of personal stories shared by individuals, the thread binding these stories is a common situation, a space they consider their home and the experience of positivity.

   'Surrender' (Dance film)

    Mumbai, India, 2022

This film is an experiment to express the journey of every individual living a city life. Constantly at the move, trying to meet materialistic goals, increasing the pace of life, living in a constant dilemma as his body, mind and intellect are in an incessant combat with each other. Until it reaches a point where one hits a dead end. The silence of nothingness whispers to what is left of you - your self.  Why do we wait to reach this point? Can we not try to recognise what we really are? Embrace this profound silence, flow with its music, SURRENDER to our true self.


                                                      International Dance Workshops (2010-2020)

                                                                                 Indian Classical and Bollywood styles 

With every dance workshop, I try to create a unique blend of classical dance techniques, hand gestures, expressions, emotions and rhythm. At the end of the workshops participants walk away with a sense of learning and fun. The music and rhythms for each workshop are carefully selected, so as to cater to the audience and also help participants recognize the difference between different genres of Indian music and beats. Mixing Indian classical, Bollywood and Folk dance techniques gives my workshops a unique style. Come join me in this cultural learning experience and fun workout! 





Bollywood Workshop in Singapore

Fun Workouts


                                                              SoulFeet Stage Shows (2009-2020)

                                                                                     Cultural and Corporate Events 

Soulfeet dance company, founded by me in 2009 is a troupe of vibrant Indian dancers. India is a land of cultural diversity and through our dance we try to depict this diversity, vibrancy and color in every piece we choreograph. In the 10+ years we have been performing, we have done shows across India and internationally for entertainment , cultural events, weddings and corporate functions. 

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