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'Pari' as we call her, is truly an angel.


This delicate soft spoken ever smiling soul, could dance till eternity. 'Any Occasion, Any Style'. Be it  Bharatnatyam, Bollywood or Folk,  or Classical, Pari can choreograph solo or group performances in minutes. She moves with a grace and relentless energy that brings a smile to all faces. 


She has made my 60 year old mom dance, who had never danced before. Some how she can find a rhythm in your body and find the right steps for 'you'. Beautiful dancer and a beautiful soul. 


Rashaana Shah

Producer, Actor Mulberry Films


'I had some really entertaining classes with Parijat who taught me the basics of the classical Indian dance Kathak and fused it with my love for modern western dance. 


Vidya Mahtani

Psych-K Facilitator & Certified Councellor



Ulrika Karlsson

Dancer and Dance Teacher


Parijat has been teaching me Bollywood dance every winter for 5 years. She is always very clear and precise about all the movements and how the counting should be; but at the same time being open for changes in the choreography. She expects me to dance as exact and precise as her, which has been a challenge but made me learn a lot.


She also knows how to teach in different styles within Bollywood, from Folkdances, "Bhangra" (Indian dance form from state of Punjab in north), "Dandiya" (Indian stick dance from the State of Gujarat in the West) to older and modern songs as well as classical and modern influenced dance. All this has given me a thourough knowledge of Bollywood.  

Parijat is extremely talented and a gracious artist. She is a specialist when it comes to contemporary vision to art. Parijat and her troupe are absolutely magical when they get on stage.


We have worked with her closely for various social and corporate events. Our team unanimously feels that Parijat adds magic to every event with her performance. 

We highly recommend her art to one and all!


  Gaurish Lad, Events Manager, India 

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